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With the best coaches around, we always have your safety and results in mind.  We're not here to beat you up, but to make sure you leave feeling great.
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We Design Your Workout

Meet with one of our personal trainers who will help you build a fitness and nutrition program that’s right for you.


Start Getting Results Immediately

The average client drops 5-20 pounds of energy zapping fat in their first month.

Do you struggle with finding time and energy to exercise?

Do you feel like you're on a roller coaster with your health?
Are you looking for an easy-to-implement fitness and nutrition routine?
Do you need a pro to just tell you what to do and hold you accountable?
Are you afraid about not being as active as you desire

What we do

We help people over 40 with fun, sustainable programs so they can enjoy life. We make sure our highly skilled personal trainers know how to train a diverse population and deliver the ultimate in customer service.  We are caring and we understand your pain points. We understand what it's like to feel stuck or be years removed from your best self and what it takes to get back on track safely and effectively.

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Your health doesn't have to decline as you age

Too many people over 40 simply just accept that being out of shape and in pain is just what happens when you get older.

You deserve to feel strong, fit and healthy all day long.

Take back control of your health and fitness

An experienced trainer will watch every move you make to be sure you’re doing every rep properly.

You'll be able to exercise around any existing injuries and your results won't skip a beat.

Be ready to get strong and live pain free!

How we are different


Our team will design and guide you through your own custom session. While at a group class value, this is not a class where you're tossed in to do the same workout as everyone else with no consideration of goals or health history. Simply show up, and we take it from there!


Don't Waste Your Workout.

Learn how to fuel your body and maximize your results with sustainable nutrition habits that fit your unique lifestyle. Our system makes it easier than ever before.

Got your back promise

There are 23 hours a day where you aren't with our team. Don't worry, we've got your back. Our team will go above and beyond to be sure you reach your goals inside and outside the gym with our VIP Facebook page and weekly emails and reminders, you'll be crushing goals faster than ever



"This is hands down the best gym in Brevard county, the family atmosphere, the best trainers always pushing every one and the awesome facilities makes this place second to none!"


Great facility! Great workout! You will get immediate feedback with the heart rate monitors. The instructors are very experienced and have taught all over the county....


I had heard about Club Performax for a long time from several friends. I finally checked it out and wish I had started sooner! Rod (and all the trainers I have worked with) are experts in their field and very professional. Everyone has been very welcoming and inviting as I'm learning new things. And no intimidation! When you know you want to be fit, these people will help you get you to where you want to be (without injuries). They offer lots of instruction, advice, support, encouragement and accountability to keep you moving in the right direction. Thanks CP!

Angie L

Club Performax is the best gym in town. I've been doing personal Training with Rod for a year. Rod is an outstanding trainer and he has changed my fitness level (strength, cardio, weight) tremendously and kept me motivated far longer than I ever expected. They have several other personal trainers who are extremely knowledgeable and professional, as well. Their equipment is newer and very well-maintained, and they offer a broad spectrum of fitness classes including spinning, yoga, Group personal training, and others. But, I think the coolest thing about Club Performax is the fun and supportive community that they have built around health and personal achievement.

Arty P

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