Live a better 2nd 50

Live your best second 50 years of life

Whether you are already in the second half or gearing up to meet it head on, the principles, actions, accountability and belief systems gained through this program will have you feeling more confident and more prepared for every challenge that comes your way.

This 6 month program consists of your usual elements to improve health and productivity such as proper exercise and dietary habits. But uniquely it contrasts those two components by introducing a third and most critical rail, that of mindset.

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NOT your typical program and goal setting

There is a massive disconnect with traditional wellness programs and goal setting in general. Everyone wants to jump right in by taking action with new exercise regimens and the latest and greatest diet plan. Which is the wrong approach as evidenced by the 92% failure rate our society experiences when attempting weight loss, exercise adherence, increasing productivity and self-esteem. This all requires massive amounts of willpower which is a finite resource - It never lasts.

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LAB 250 starts with a basic premise

Most other programs give participants a restrictive menu plan to follow. An exercise plan that makes them sore and is too complex. The walls immediately go up and people fail before they even start. Addition before subtraction. We will add things that enhance our success so the guard comes down and the threat centers in the brain have a chance to relax. Without this there is no chance of long term success.

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Exercise and nutrition are of course crucial, but MINDSET is the next (and most important) frontier in wellness and longevity

Mindset work or learning to understand

Mindset work or learning to understand and enhance thinking patterns truncates old neural pathways and creates new more serving ones. Mastering your unique internal landscape of dialogue, influences, expectations, action steps and creative processes along with understanding the actual neurology of behavior change is the next giant step in wellness, happiness and productivity.

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Adopting one tiny behavior at a time

The program is based on adopting one tiny behavior at a time that links nutrition, exercise AND mindset. The key is having a daily check-in with a coach for the ultimate in accountability. This along with weekly virtual group meetings, daily short exercise plans, monthly analysis of what is working and what needs more attention and our daily app-based lessons create the perfect blend of live and virtual coaching.

A completely different approach than ever before to finally break through with health and wellness for your best Second 50.

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